How it Works

Welcome to the SmartPay Principal Paydown Program

Specializing in improving how Americans repay their loans since 2000, we’ve helped clients save over $15 Million Dollars of unnecessary interest and meet their financial goals.

Most of our clients (people just like you) save an average of $35,000 to $90,000 of their hard-earned money, by using our program to reduce their interest, increase their principal payments and pay off their mortgages years earlier!

Our program is extremely flexible and proven to save substantial interest on any loan – from your home mortgage to your car, boat and RV loans … from student loans to credit card and fixed payment loans.

One of the best features of our Principal Paydown Program is that it works on ANY LOAN with ANY LENDER, with NO UPFRONT COSTS TO YOU.

Simply put, The SmartPay Principle Paydown Program:

  • Applies MORE MONEY toward the principal of your loan
  • Reduces the length of your loan
  • And helps target your pay off date

Our proven program is an effective way to gain HUGE savings on all of your loans. And we make it easy. When you accelerate your loan payment with The SmartPay Principal Paydown Program, you change from paying the traditional one monthly payment, to paying half of one monthly payment every two weeks.

We automatically debit your checking or savings account every two weeks for one half-payment, which may be scheduled for any date to coincide with your paychecks. We securely and electronically remit these payments to your lender. 

The result is ONE FULL ADDITIONAL payment applied DIRECTLY to your loan’s principal every year.

Say you are currently paying a $1,200 monthly mortgage payment . . . our Accelerated Loan Repayment Program automatically splits that payment in half, debiting $600 every two weeks from your checking or savings account. This repayment program allows you to pay a 30-year mortgage off approximately 6 to 10 years sooner.

Are you concerned about affording college tuition for your children?

Planning ahead for your retirement financial needs?

Everyone has different financial goals – and now The SmartPay Accelerated Loan Repayment Program can be customized to help you reach any target loan repayment date you have!

Would you like to be more aggressive and pay off your loans even faster? We’ll tailor a custom program, which will add extra money ($25, $50, etc.) to each payment and reduce the length of your loan even more!

Looking for a way to afford and enjoy a better lifestyle?

Use our program to help pay for the luxuries you and your family desire and deserve! A pool, boat or RV will certainly help to achieve quality family time together and our loan repayment program will help you to gain ownership quicker and more cost-effectively.

Our payment program will place more on the principal each year, without placing an additional burden on your budget.

Trust the financial experts at SmartPay - we’ve processed more than $150 million dollars in payments for our clients. SmartPay is one of the most successful and reputable payment processing companies in the nation – achieving this status by focusing on the satisfaction of our customer’s needs and providing expert services with:

  • No start up costs
  • No credit check necessary
  • Better equity position
  • Lower interest cost
  • On time payments
  • Quicker loan fulfillment
  • 24/7 Account Access

ACT NOW! Start down the road to financial freedom today! Let SmartPay show you how you can start taking advantage of these money-saving benefits and help you to achieve your financial goals sooner!

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