“As a support coordinator with a large organization, I truly understand the difficulty in finding talented people to handle calls in a skillful and caring fashion. Your representative is a very talented support rep and should be recognized for her skill and professionalism.”
Joe Waldman

“I just wanted to note that working with your company has been a wonderful experience. My mortgage company does not send me monthly statements and having you manage my payments has provided me with security and peace of mind. Your customer service is excellent and your responses are prompt. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.”
Lavonne Shields

“I would like to take the time to thank the representatives at SmartPay. for their great service over the years. I refinanced my mortgage in 2004 and enrolled in automatic biweekly debits through SmartPay. I enjoy the convenience of the service and can truly appreciate the savings that I have received through the biweekly program.”
Jenny O - Cleveland, OH

“I am so thankful that I am enrolled in SmartPay.’s principal paydown program. It is not only a convenient and hassle free way to pay my mortgage, but when I have a problem with my mortgage company I know SmartPay will take care of it for me.

In 2006 my lender misapplied a mortgage payment to principal. My lender did not bring the situation to my attention until 2010. I immediately contacted SmartPay. once I was aware there was a problem. The representative that I worked with spent countless hours on the phone with my lender resolving the situation for me.

She was able to get $1985.72 in late fees removed due to my lenders error that they initially were not willing to correct. As a result I was able to bring my account current and the additional funds were applied to my principal.

I would have never been able to deal with this situation on my own. Thank you SmartPay!”
Linda, OH

“I recently refinanced my mortgage after being on SmartPay’s biweekly program for 6 years. I was so excited to learn that I could continue using the service on the new loan at no additional charge.

My payoff on the previous loan was much less thanks to this wonderful service.

I will be a lifelong customer with SmartPay. as I appreciate the great customer service that I receive every single time that I call along with the fact that I am reducing the term of my loan and saving thousands of dollars in interest.”
Brett, New York NY

“When I learned that SmartPay. performed a complimentary audit each year to ensure that my lender was applying all of my payments correctly I had my lender send them a payment history.

Once SmartPay received my payment history they reviewed it to discover that one payment hadn’t been applied. They immediately sent proof of the payment to my lender and made sure that any late fees were removed and my credit was not affected.

I will never trust another biweekly company. I am so glad I took full advantage of their services.”
James, CT

  • After going through a loan modification, Mr. Porter’s account was reporting past due, as a result of an error by his lender. He attempted for over six months to have the situation corrected on his own, to no avail. After contacting SmartPay, the problem was resolved in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Nancy Chase’s loan term was reduced from 10 years to 8 years!
  • Fred Smart is using SmartPay’s service to pay down his mortgage. He was so impressed with our service he used it to pay off his other debts!
  • Jose Mas used SmartPay’s service to pay off his car loan, and now uses our service towards his new car loan.
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